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Maldita Castilla

PC/Mac Maldita Castilla 1.1

Maldita Castilla (Cursed/damn Castile) is an action platformer full of actual myths from Spain and some regions of the medieval Europe. The player must run, jump and throw weapons along 6 chapters, divided into sections filled with dangers and bosses. It takes the visual style of 80s arcades, with no more than raw pixel art and a dark palette displayed through a dirty old monitor. Gryzor87 has composed an epic and aventuresque soundtrack with the true arcade sound of the YM2203 chip.

maldita_castilla_01.png maldita_castilla_02.png maldita_castilla_03.png maldita_castilla_04.png maldita_castilla_05.png maldita_castilla_06.png maldita_castilla_07.png maldita_castilla_08.png maldita_castilla_09.png maldita_castilla_10.png maldita_castilla_11.png maldita_castilla_12.png maldita_castilla_13.png maldita_castilla_14.png
Release Year
Developed By
Supported Systems
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
First release
Last update
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